Saturday, September 12, 2009

new puppy Rusty

This is our new puppy Rusty we picked him from the lost dogs home at Nth Melbourne he is 8 weeks old Rottweiler X Kelpie. He walks on a lead already and seems very intelligent and fetches balls and toys too and sleeps outside all night with no fuss


Eliza said...

Oh Deb,

He is such a cutie and a solid little man. I had a dog called Rusty when I was a child and I loved him to bits.

Whata bonus with him sleeping outside and walking on the lead. Love him lots as I am sure you will. There is nothing like animals around to bring joy to the home.

Lucy said...

Hey Deb,
He's a cutie, I'm a sucker for black & tan dogs!
I'm sure he will be loved & looked after and bring you countless wonderful moments and huge amounts of love.
Hugs Lucy