Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Camping trip

We camped on the edge of the Ovens River, I slipped in the mud about one hour after we arrived and sprained my ankle, not a good start to the weekend I also shut my finger in the door of the ute a couple of hours later,but it didnt hurt as much as my fankle(fat ankle).
Chris caught a big cod but it slipped out of Trevs hands as he was climbing back up the bank to get a photo and it got away so no photo but it was pretty big they say.Rusty and Buster (The dogs) had a ball running around in all the puddles and fetching sticks out of the river and the mozzies were plentiful and seemed to be amune from tropical stength aeroguard. The Ranger also visited us and told us we were in a National park and we were lucky that we didnt get fined only because they didnt actually have the no dogs allowed sign up yet. We read on the net when we got home it is a $500 fine for having the dog in the national park.
 Chris also sprained his ankle jumping off the back of the ute the following day and the ute broke down on the way back home but we bought a new battery for the car and got on our way again. it was good to be home ,wash off twenty layers of aeroguard and lay in a comfy bed.

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Sue Madex said...

Wow sounds like an eventful camping trip Deb!! Hope the ankle is on the mend and welcome home again.